Sunday, March 24, 2013

contentment: what does this make you think of?

i've been pondering your theory on the food shots. it strikes me that food is the new social currency. people show who they are through food and instagram and the ubiquity of smart phones make it easy. daily cappuccinos and healthy, organic salads present a picture of us that matches the one we'd like to send to the world. so send it we do.

i'm largely a failed food photographer. i can't seem to master the ennui of the empty plate with only a few remaining crumbs and a sad fork and the light is just too bad in this house for proper shots of the food before anyone has eaten any (case in point above). but food remains, for me, the way to happiness. my most contented moments are in the kitchen, making food that will be served to guests.

so i'd say that photos of food make me think of contentment, laughter, happiness and friends....hygge.

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