Monday, April 8, 2013

crafting: what does this make you think of?

I think you're absolutely right about food being the new social currency; it's strange that something we make for ourselves suddenly becomes everyone's business. the mix of social currency and contentment made me think of crafting: I made the two paper balls in the photo, and I was really satisfied that I managed to follow the instructions and finish them. however, as soon as they were finished, I get this urge to take photos of them and share - what's that about? why is the personal feeling of contentment not enough; why do we need others to see and acknowledge what we're doing?
I do enjoy crafting very much - it's really pleasing to do something so concrete and tangible. but I wonder about the urge to display it - is it something innate to humans, or is it a by-product of our digital age?


julochka said...

oh, i must ponder this one...our need for sharing. i have some ideas. now i just need a photo...

Molly said...

I think the answer to this one is the same as the question 'why does a dog lick it's balls?'
Because it can.
We make stuff, photograph it and share it ... because we can.
Our granny's granny would've done the same with her lace doilies if she'd been able to. Instead she had to be happy with draping them over her best furniture and showing them off at tea parties!