Monday, February 11, 2013

motion: what does this make you think of?

kristina, i've been mulling over your photo since you posted it. because aside from the light, which as you rightly said, is a preoccupation in these latitudes, what it made me think of was motion. and how fast things - light, life, winter, everything really - seems to be going. i was reminded again this morning of motion as i attempted to photograph baby bunnies on the bed. because if there's anything that's in motion, it's 3-week-old baby bunnies. they're just learning how to hop and pop around and it was pretty difficult to catch them holding still.

i did manage, as you can see below, but that was mostly luck.

so now it's your turn, what does this make you think of?

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kristina said...

I do love the bunny shots!