Wednesday, February 6, 2013

a new start: what does this make you think of?

it's been almost two years since we posted here, but we haven't forgotten about our project. we just needed some new inspiration, and sometimes that takes a while. today, we're starting a new series, based on the question 'what does this make you think of?'. our plan is to play an association game, moving from photo to photo and from story to story. so, here we go!

I'm starting with something we talk about incessantly: light. beautiful light, bad light, no light, more light - light is constantly on my mind. winters here are long and dark. summers are bittersweet, since I know that at the height of the summer, light is already retreating. when I was out taking a walk this weekend, the sun suddenly broke through the clouds and I said to my husband: 'julochka would have said: what's that big blazing ball of fire in the sky?!'.

julochka: what does this make you think of?

ps julochka is still blogging here. I'm now blogging here.

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julochka said...

my initial response is YAY! we're back! and then next comes a sense of motion and blur and the all-too-quick passage of time. we'll have to see how that manifests itself photographically.

thank you, kristina, for getting us started again and for making me once again THINK about photography! i really needed that!