Saturday, February 16, 2013

traces: what does this make you think of?

your photo and your words were about motion, and how things are moving so fast. this made me think of the traces that are left behind. in this photo, there are the footsteps, but also the softer lines made by the waves. on the beach traces are created, erased and mixed together. if you always sit in one spot on your sofa, you will change the sofa and it will tell a part of your story. what if you always say the same things - will that leave a trace?
what does this make you think of?

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julochka said...

i swear i left a comment on this, but sometimes chrome eats the comments. what i said was something like this...

i love the ephemeral nature of footprints on a beach...traces left behind, but impermanent. there's something somehow lonely about them, but oddly, it's in a good way.

i'm not sure that makes sense, but it's what i think.