Tuesday, October 13, 2009

obsessions I

crumpler -- light and shadows

last week, f8hasit (who incidentally was just named Blog of Note. yay!) gave us a blog award. it's one of those that comes with strings attached...and the strings attached to it were that we should list our obsessions. so, that's what we'll do this week. and at the end of the week, we'll pass along the love.

meanwhile, tho' none of these will likely be a surprise to you, we hope you'll enjoy our photographic obsessions.


julochka said...

oh oh, i can tell that this is going to reveal that my obsessions are shallow and yours are deep, kristina! yikes!


kristina said...

hee hee - I promise to reveal my shallow sides ;-)

f8hasit said...

Shallow Obsessions, deep obsessions...it doesn't matter as long as you keep taking these fabulous photogrpahs!

Where is the mirror man? I can't tell by the angle, but with the bulding behind him, how big IS that guy?

Very cool.

julochka said...

he's in a window so the building that looks like it's behind is across the street and just a reflection in the window. and he's about maybe 3'-ish tall?