Saturday, August 15, 2009

a little giveaway

we are so excited about this project and the direction it's headed. i feel so inspired by kristina's photos and can feel my own photography changing and improving as we work out our themes and ideas together. plus kristina's doing such a great job of putting these diptychs together! in short, this project is really a joy!

but, we know how we feel about it, and we'd like to hear more about how you feel about it.  so, to bring you out of the woodwork and get a bit of feedback, we've decided to give away a print of your favorite diptych pictures. that's right, you'll get two frameable-quality photos, one from each of us.

all you have to do is tell us which one has been your favorite thus far and of course, anything else you'd like to add - perhaps ideas for future themes (tho' we haven't run out yet by any means!) or well, anything else you'd like to share with us. unless you think we suck, we don't really want to hear that.

we're off to blog camp 1.5 this weekend, but we'll give you a whole week to let us know which diptych is your favorite and when we post our "scenes from a weekend" on monday, august 24, we'll announce the winner.

so please, let us know which one you've liked best thus far. you can leave your comment on this post or any of the posts that will go up in the next week (those are surely going to be blog camp 1.5 posts, i'll tell you already now).


Unknown said...

I have liked quite a few of clocks, the juxtaposition of the two doors, the post/mail boxes. But I think I have to say I loved the color differences between the two shots in fika II - the mug on the left has that mellow tone with a soothing feel to it, while the crisp color of the young canine and the background feel of being outside is just wonderful next to the mellow image.

That is what I see in those. Oh I did like the manhole covers too.

Unknown said...

My apologies I forgot something... I was wondering about images of gathering places, cultural/local points of interest, more of the different but same imagery, maybe a thought or word for the week and how each eye captures it - like the fika series with the differences that showed up in the pictures but also in the photographers desire to capture a meaningful picture for themselves.

Does any of that help? Just thinking out loud.


Janet said...

i like so many of them! all the fikas are great, my fave is #I. also love the clocks, doors, and light. you gals are awesome!

Indiri Wood said...

I think summer rain and fika III are my favorites but the mailboxes and house numbers are also very cool!

I'm curious to see what you two would create with Twilight or Sun Spots.

Andrew Granville said...

Hi, I just came across your blog recently and I have to say I'm so glad I did.

As a fellow blogger I am a fan of the written word and don't usually follow any blogs with just photos, but I want to say that you have both come up with a wonderful idea here. So many people just simply class you all the same as 'Scandinavians' when they are so many differences between 2 countries that are so close, seperated by a small stretch of water - your photography brings this out for the world to see. I have worked for a Danish company and have Danish and Swedish friends and know how different yet so similar you both can be. It's an interesting relationship and I think the photos show that.

I love architecture so they are always my faves, but also how you take small everyday things that we don't really think about such as mail boxes and manhole covers and show the subtle differences of 2 cultures. I would like to see more of this: how you bring together 2 similar countries and show their subtle (cultural) differences. That is why the Fika series is a great idea :-)

Also like Pip says, as a fan of the written word, I think a few words or thoughts from you would make it complete. Compliments -Keep it up!


C. E. said...

"Scenes From A Weekend" (08.03.09 - Singapore and Lund, Sweden)

I love the contrast between the activity of Singapore and the solitude of Sweden. I love the textural differences between the two pictures (the two countries) and the emotional singularity of the photographs, the flora which nevertheless ties the two together and reminds the observer that we all are connected and that in the vast scheme of things we all are indeed one.

I love how the photograph of Singapore makes we cry, thinking of my father and the plans of moving to that country which died with him so long ago.

I love the serenity of Sweden, how I hope that peace has found all of those we have lost.

(And, to move away from depressing things, I like how the "Fika" series deals with something that is interpreted through the eye/lens of the photographer in terms of location and cultural growth (if that makes sense?). What about doing something along those lines - the theme being bricks of sociology, bricks that are lost to most of today's society? "Life" "Love" "Time" "Conscience" and so on)

Well, those are my thoughts anyway.

Keep up the fantastic work, ladies.

Take care,
A Most Humbled Fan

Elizabeth said...

My absolute favorite is scenes from the weekend. The vikingship, do I have to explain. Ok. I'm nuts about runen, helleristninger, the stories. I even moved to Danmark do i need to say more.

The salat is so much summer, so delicious to look at, the color, the texture, crispy, healthy, yummy, mmmmm...

This two pictures together is like a small collage of me/with me/for me.

My idea for another photograph serie would be a theme on the beach. Stones, shells, driftwood, trees fallen into the water, seagull, etc.

Another serie which can be very beautiful is colors of the fall or fruit on a tree/bush. What about ceramics or candlelight images, a deserted house.

Well you to talented photographers I hope you have a fantastic blogcamp in the UK.

And I'll hope to see you soon.

Yelena R. said...

I love the holiday: lights one. So simple and beautiful! I love this idea :)

Barb said...

Absolutely impossible to choose ~ I love them all!!!! Each and everyone. If I win ~ you will both have to choose one for me. Barb

MissBuckle said...

My fave is blog camp I. I love how the flowers fill inn the building.